Why Play Online?

I wonder ... why do you people bother playing online? I feel like the point is there is some type of human interaction, but I see little to none of that ever ... and the little I do is just trolling. I just sometimes think, what is the difference between playing against a computer, and playing against a human ... other than the obvious skill differences.

Seems to me that some more good natured human activity would make playing online chess a little more enjoyable.

Maybe I'm alone and everyone else is talking, showing sportsmanship and having a great time. To me, its one game and the person is gone with not so much as a word.

I've not been able to meet with my chess club since we started lockdown in the UK in March and likely won't be able to for the foreseeable future. Of course I'd prefer to sit across the board from a friend but I still have fun online, I think it just comes down to an appreciation for the game which makes playing so stimulating. I've also been able to improve my (terrible) rating over the last few months.

Why not play Online?
All you have to do is bring you tablet with you in a park and you see your friend playing against you.

Think out of the box ! Use virtual pieces !

Call you friends and meet in a parking lot, each one plays from their car.
Both are in their car bubble, and you get to see each other.
Get the club going again. To do it, all you need is a large parking spot like at the shopping mall or a community center.
Pair the players from the cars.
The drivers look at each other face to face from their cars in a parking spot.

The idea is like Cine-park or music-parks. Now you have Chess-Parks.

it seems a great strategy is to play online now --- you may be separated by....6'....10'....1 mile.... whatever, as a covid strategy.... aren't people doing that? for me, i play online, not otb anymore. i can fit in a game when i'm waiting for my water to boil.. it's utterly convenient. and then - i can analyze my game afterwards, in an instant. the biggest problem is people are in a lost position, and suddenly start acting like jerks, or simply leave in a huff.

Why play OTB?

Because I believe that one plays a better game of chess over the board. Also, there is something to the notion of "face to face" friendly competition, which seems to have more value and overall competitive respectfulness.

I miss those days!

It has nothing but advantages
no travel
available 24/7
opponents from all over the world
games available for analysis
no scoresheets
built in automatic arbiter

I agree with tpr, you can play on the internet whenever you have the time, more often, you can play with anyone. When playing OTB you are limited by location, which means that you can only play in chess clubs and maybe in some other place, in addition, you can only play in a chess club when they have an organized tournament, chess clubs can be quite far from your home ...