why lichess maga battle ......

@Bhageerath2007 this thing has already been discussed that why all Major Tournaments are at night for Indians. The answer is very disappointing as Lichess doesnt use IST ever for Mega Battles :(

So most Indians find it difficult to play the Lichess Mega Battles (including me)

As Earth rotates, different parts of Earth receive sunlight or darkness, giving us day and night. As your location on Earth rotates into sunlight, you see the sun rise. ... Since different parts of Earth enter and exit daylight at different times, we need different time zones.

nno i mean when both are ok like in India at evening and at there at Moring

Mega battles are held at night for Indians because IST time isn't taken into consideration.
But, I don't know about maga battles.

For me I can play in mega battles and yearly arenas, but it's very difficult to play weekly three check arenas or the end of shields for half the year. It's always the same people playing and getting prizes in Lichess-made tournaments.