Why is Ultrabullet so laggy

I just played a 3 0 game and lagged over 20 seconds multiple times. Tested my connection to lichess and multiple international pings - connection is great. The downsides of a free site I suppose. I see their only servers are in France. So if you're across the ocean like I am maybe that's why.

v2 is trash.. My connection is perfect, and if I see my opponent's connection is 3/4 bars (or less), I feel their lag. It makes absolutely no sense. When they have 4/4 bars I have no lag. Why the hell do I lag when they have poor connection?! What the _____ is this?

you are probably confusing your connection with your opponents. Also Th3rdeye I live in the US, yet lichess still works well for me the vast majority of the time.

In v1 if you have problems you just think "oh, that happens, oh well". In v2 people think "GODDAMNIT, WHY IS V2 DESTROYING THE WORLD!!!"

(for the record, I think v2 is great)

@Rapid167 If the game flowed like golden butter on hot toast before in v1. And then v2 the game plays like a chainsaw revving you notice the difference.

I think v2 is ok. But it's nothing compared to before.

I recently got a new laptop and now everything is much faster. It may just be your computer unfortunately. The newer updates to chess websites tend to be aimed at the latest model computers since the updates require more RAM is my guess. Ultra is faster on mobile though the wifi can be sketchy at times.

@jg2017 Same here, great site. It works fine 99% of the time, lag happens in any game.