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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Why is my rapid 1500?

In the blog it said my rapid and classical would be the same, so why is my rapid 1500? I've played rapid (15+2) is clearly rapid. So what's going on?

I've had the same issue, I'm assuming it will be fixed and your rating will be what it should be shortly.

I have the same issue. The vast majority of my games have been in a Rapid time control setting, yet I've only been given a Classical rating.

My rapid rating is 1500? too and when I played a rapid game and lost my rating didn't change

same I have had 3 8+0 games but I've only been given a classical rating

It seems to be fixed now.

this is so dumb, lichess should never have split them. now the rating graph colors are messed up.

Rating graph colors will be fixed as well as your indivudal ratings. All of the already played classical games have to be revisited to paste the clock data and adjust it to the new rating categories. This has taken some time. Stay cool :)

Rating graph colours? This has to win the pettiest thing to moan about award.

lichess was perfect until this split happened

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