Why huge teams get hacked alot.

I saw this video on youtube and realized the problem:

I have studied that near the east, they have tendencies to ask people to join their team. Always they target bots. When they say no, they say that i am going to make a you leader. And all the crap happens. So the teams are not hacked.

The scary thing is that those leaders in the teams that got hacked all asked me to join and they were going to give me leader.

Moral of the story: just because you are a bot, dont trust them including me;)

There are no team moderators. Team leaders gain full control of the team and can do whatever they wish.
You give someone permissions to kick you out and then they do, why are you acting surprised that they did then?

Use a normal password that no one would be able to guess, enable Two-factor authentication
don't give team leader permissions to random people or people you don't know and wouldn't trust with your wallet.

Nobody has had a team "hacked." They gave it away, despite a massive warning on the button that you press to give it away just begging you not to give it away.

In any case, the next time the site updates you will no longer be able to kick team owners. This will be a thing of the past.

The sad thing is that many lichess kiddos always ask me to join their team and they will make me leaders. I do say no though but they are making a fool out of themselves.

It may be a hacking going on accounts. Many has label of breach of TOS, without motive or warning. We cannot play anymore live games. Can this be fixed?