Why does nobody play rematch after winning first match

Is this human nature or just the people on Lichess

I think less than 5% plays rematch after winning first match

When ever I win and accept a rematch, I lose the next game lol.

You'd play a rematch if you wanted another game against the same person, for example.

Hitting the new game button is easier and faster.

Your new opponent doesn't know what openings you'll play.

After you win, your rating increases, opponent's decreases. So when you win 2nd or 3rd time, you won't be getting as many points as before.

Did you bother googling the forum before you asked? In short why would I. Please locate new opponent button and forget the re-match and stop wondering about other people

Everybody wants to rematch me after I hang my queen or blunder away a mating threat because I don't see a pin. Maybe you're giving people a headache and they want to fish for an easier win.

Also, if they played white (and lost) they don't like their chances against you as black.

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