Why do players cheat?

@BlackSalt yes i also used engine for f5 seeing that Rh4 was the only severely winning idea and that he wouldnt likely play it right and follow through, or play it to begin with

@ZeroSocialSkills thanks----- except i examined opening explorer and analysis board just now. i literally can't tell the difference between them! they look identical... and each seems to 'save' the toggle on whether you're using an engine or not... so, if you use the engine on one, the other tool will be set to the same toggle.......

wow, captcha was unbelievably difficult... didn't involve merely moving the queen....

@Onyx_Chess not sure what you are implying --- using an engine in any game here is cheating. i use opening explorer in my correspondence games, which is legal, and wish i didn't have to be extra careful that the associated engine wasn't toggled to run mode. if you want to make more of that than what i said, it's up to you.


You said: "i don't think i've ever been cheated on......... i picture that looking like i'm playing something implacably brilliant, and it destroys me. i guess people might grab a handful from an engine now and then????"

I wasn't implying anything about you at all.

I thought that you were saying that cheating is fairly frequent ("I guess people might grab a handful (of moves) from an engine now and then???")

And that it doesn't bother you because you just picture that you're playing a perfect machine instead of cheaters. (I picture that looking like I'm playing something implacably brilliant, and it destroys me.)


Upon re-read, I have no idea what you're talking about.
Feel free to disregard. Apologies.

My motivation for posting was to counteract fallacious statements about the frequency of cheating, and Lichess' competence in dealing with cheating.

Every time someone brings it up, I'm left with no choice but to counteract their influence and say:

1. Cheating is at an all time low at Lichess because we've invested a SERIOUS amount of time and energy forcing them to all go play elsewhere where they're hardly banned.

2. Lichess has the best anti-cheat division, and that's coming from someone that remembers msn/yahoo/excite chess sites back when all the newest computers came with a 54K modem.


Yes. Exaggerating the amount of cheating, encourages people to cheat.
There is no way around it.

The more mention that is made, the more notice that people take, the more it will have to happen.


1. There is a minimal amount of cheating online, especially at Lichess.

2. Lichess deal with cheaters the best.

3. If you think that you've been cheated, please take the time to submit a report and have that person investigated.


The above 3 points are all that needs to be said on the matter, besides regularly congratulating and thanking the Lichess admins for their excellent work at keeping Lichess as cheat free as could possible be expected.

I felt the psychological rundown was a clean exception because it would attach a barb to the act of cheating that might not have otherwise been there. It was insightful, and if you read between the lines, you'll find one key trick successfully reporting cheaters. A majority of cheaters have a certain tell.

After reading my synopsis, now everyone knows to look for it.

Also, I'm always clear to re-iterate that cheating is at a minimum, and that Lichess has the best anti-cheat experts, hands down.

@Onyx_Chess Thanks. sorry about the misunderstanding. i'd forgotten i even said 'people might grab a handful of moves'... i meant that i had never detected cheating - unless people on the various sites use a little engine help (illegally) now and then... i guess that sounds like i'm saying there's a lot or common cheating... what i was trying to say was i could see where i wouldn't detect that sort of 'as needed' cheating ---- uh at all, probably.

glad to hear that lichess is so on top of stopping cheating, and this is a great site... i've enjoyed it in the couple months i've been here!

It's a shame @Sorin_256's account is totally closed as it would be interesting for him to talk to us about how he cheated more.
Was his account marked or was he getting away with it for a long time?

Comes across as one of the "clever" cheats who doesn't play the perfect move every time and will even through in the occasional intentional blunder knowing his opponent is unlikely to find all the right moves but it tries to thwart the cheat detection process.

lichess is not stopping cheating though. No website can. They can delete the accounts of cheats or mark them like this one does, but it doesn't stop it happening in the first place.

One day they may have events for which you have to be watched as you play. It would be a great way to be able to play against players from all over the world but wouldn't really be possible from your own home. So you'd go to a "club" and log in there to a global chess club. Not ideal but probably the only way.

Too easy to cheat even now. They let spectators into the tournament hall, plus players can walk around. Neither should be allowed.

One reason I play one-minute online is that cheating is way too obvious for the few who manage to do it.

Live tournaments need to be changed to quicker time controls and camera-monitored environments.

"One day they may have events for which you have to be watched as you play. It would be a great way to be able to play against players from all over the world but wouldn't really be possible from your own home. So you'd go to a "club" and log in there to a global chess club. Not ideal but probably the only way."

I just started the Coffehouse Chess Federation (CCF), where I hope to replace FIDE/USCF events with online events played live at coffeehouses while the matches are streamed. Trying to get this going by 2022 to give it some time to take hold.

I'm quiet new at Lichess, opened an account a while ago. I'm also on chesscom and, to be honoust, I'm not getting bothered much by cheaters or it must be that they are really good in hiding it. In the past they banned a few players I played against, but that is already a while ago.

I know both Lichess and chesscom offer the opening explorer, but to tell you the truth, I do not use it. I only click on it a few times during the opening when it is my opponents turn to move. I do this because I like to measure my own strenght and do not like copying moves from some database. When I click on it at my opponents turn to move, I can see if we are still in theory and most of the time, even after more then 12, 13 moves still it is and because they are my own moves, it makes me happy.

Most of the games I play, all of them on this site, are correspondence because the clock is making me a bit nerveous. I still play my moves almost instantly when it is my turn, but without time pressure. The idea of having seas of time gives me some peace of mind.

One thing I did notice here, is the fact people are playing faster moves in correspondence. On chesscom sometimes they are taking days to make a move and that is pretty frustrating grrrrrr. Even now somehow I subscribed into a tournament by accident that turned out to be 7 days per move and the dude is taking the whole 7 days all the time to make a move. That really pisses me of, but I have to be patient. I prefer one day per move games to avoid frustration.

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