Why do players cheat?

I have been trying to improve my game/rating by solving puzzles, studying openings, knowing certen endgame principles and playing longer games as opposed to blitz or bullet. However, What I have been ruining into lately when I play a game with long time control, is that players are using some type of chess gengine to win the game for them. I know this of course because 1. it’s pretty obvious when you play a computer as opposed to a human and 2. lichess notifies me shortly there after, sometimes next day.

My question is what motivates people to do this? What satisfaction do they get out of it? They arn’t learning anything nor getting any better and infact i am the one who is learning from the game being played. So why do they do this? Is it for the raiting points? If you didn’t earn the rateing yourself what satisfaction do you get by having a higher rating? Even if you do achieve a high rating, it will be very short lived because users are often banned.

My rating is between 1900 and 1950 I have played around 100 classical games and 6 games that I know of were against cheaters because lichess notified me so. So it has happened to me about 6% of the time. Has anyone had a similar experence and how often does this happen to you?

It can’t be the joy of winning because they the person didn’t play nor win, the computer did. So it must be the joy of seeing others lose and drop their rating in the proses. This is why I have such distain for people like this. They waste my time. If I wanted to play the computer I very well could have. I try to make the best of it, learn from the game/computer and then report them after.

I can think of several reasons:
* fun to destroy things
* fun to annoy others
* hatred of functional communities
* competition not with other chess players, but with the developpers of the anti cheat software
* because they can

Assholes are everywhere, especially in anonymous environments and competitions. Party-poopers.

Why do players cheat? Because in all competitive games and sports everywhere there are those who try to gain an advantage.

Unfortunately this has been prevalent in online chess for a long time, as engines were already better than most humans around the time the internet became popular.

There are occasions of cheating in OTB tournaments too - have you seen the headlines of a player caught using a mobile in a toilet? Still it is less prevalent.

Apart from banning players, which is what most chess playing sites do, the only real way to prevent it happening in the first place is to arrange tournaments/events where you have to go to a venue that has arbiters watching you in order to participate. I foresee that one day big international chess tournaments may work that way.

Cheaters are cordially invited to participate in this thread to explain their motivations.

Winning with cheats still makes you feel like you accomplished something. Especially if you don't just play the moves engine suggests but instead only use it at critical positions. You end up justifying the win as your own accomplishment, because "oh the other person could've been cheating too, I'm just smarter because I thought about this" or "yeah the engine found the game winning move but it was me who managed to create the opportunity". There is also that sadistc(?) feeling of being in control and knowing full well that your opponent doesn't stand a chance

In correspondence there is the temptation of "ugh, why is my opponent taking so long, I should just start up an engine and see if I'm winning"

I would like to play more correspondence chess. Again to learn more and improve my game. But what I find is that with correspondence, players seem to use opening explorer, to play out at least the beginning of their games. What is lichess’s policy against players that do this? Do they consider it cheating? Do you consider it cheating?

as far as I know, no chess site considers using the opening explorer or databases in cc as cheating

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