Why do people do not play classical games now

Why is anyone playing classical games.
I know they give a lots of time but no-one plays it now,then what is the use, I really love classical but it takes too much time pair.

Because most of the people think classical is boring. They think classical took a lot of time. They prefer shorter time controls.

But, if they take shorter time controls and thier times runs out then they will lose.
But classical gives you time to think

How much time do you spend with tactic problems. 2566 is a really good jod.!

Umutada, or most people think thinking is boring.

I never played a Classical game!
My maximum limit is 10 mins.

Chess becomes less and less a game of intellect. It's a sign of the sad times we are living in. Degeneration of mankind.

A Classical game commits me to a large time investment all in one go. If I play 5+0 blitz, then I can stop playing after 2 games (20 minutes) or 6 games (an hour), but what matters practically is that I get to choose on the fly.

Personally I spend more time solving puzzles than anything else, and I tend to take my time on a lot of them. But again, the time investment is (or at least feels) entirely in my own hands. I'm not committed to spending an hour solving a really tough puzzle, I can come back to it later. Same goes for analyzing games, reading books, practicing endgames.