Why do only a handful of people prefer classical?

I have been waiting for 10 minutes now to get paired. Maybe it's because people don't have the time. Or maybe people don't like long games. What do you guys think?

It's a lot of time game many might not have patience that's the reason I think but my team is holding a classical tourney and above 60 joined

most play chess for fun @MohammadAayanKhan and not seriously blitz is fun to play as you get the result in 6-9 minutes but classical takes 1hr sometimes and 25+0 is not standard I think you will get more people if u play 30+0

Even in short games, people cheat. In longer games, it gets too easy to cheat.

Another bad element is the people who get into a bad position and sit. Waiting for 3 minutes to run out is torture, but imagine what 30 minutes would be.

People may not have sufficient free time to dedicate to one long game. They rather play several short games. In addition, it is much harder to concentrate for long periods of time which is pretty frustrating when you make a mistake from being tired by having to focus for so long.

People got addicted to bullet and blitz and try to justify their addiction afterwards by pseudo-logical arguments. Greetings

Yes i play mostly rapid these days classical takes too long, but if i have a lot of time then i could play classical

So who likes 180+0 classical I just can't believe my eyes that 83 joined in this tournament time control and still the tournament is not finished yet it's happening for last 3 days