Why can't I post without playing?

Maybe then they can track how you communicate with other players, but this on the other hand doesn't make much sense... Man, this forum is very judgemental, very fast too. Not a great community to be around in to be honest.

It prevents people uncapable or uninterested in playing a game from spamming the forums.
It may be more effective to require 10 games or to make the CAPTCHA more difficult, but it is probably fine as it is.

Haha wait...I am an idiot in this story...It actually does make sense to do that and as you said 10 games is probably better then just one. happens, sorry for being oblivious.

That way they actually stop forum pollution by morons, since you can make a new account in 1 minute.

I just remember that one is definitely delusional (not right, 99% of the times) is everyone is against him as was in this case...

You can't post in the forums yet. Play some games!