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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Why can not I play more against other players?

I just came out of a classic game and I'm surprised that there are no more players to compete, nobody shows up in the lobby, but according to the status bar, there are more than 20,000 users and 5200 at stake

You are flagged as using chess engine assistance, i.e. cheating. You are not allowed to play in rated games. If you feel you have been wrongly flagged as a cheater, contact lichess. It is unlikely the mods made a mistake, but you may be able to beg profusely for a second chance with the promise of never cheating again :/


You're not supposed to tell him. That ruins the fun.

WTF, I have never used chess engines. It must be some misunderstanding, I could even record my games to see that I do not use any motor

All your moves were made in 5 seconds or so (even the obvious mate in 1!), and your average centipawn loss is really close to 0 (Which I realize some people can achieve but especially for a non-master making 0 inaccuracies in a 3+0 blitz game this is suspicious).

These are the two games I am talking about:

You were probably flagged for these reasons.

Having the planned variant is a bad thing?
Obviously a mate was coming, it was exactly what I wanted to do, there was no way to stop that mate sacrificing my tower, since the bishop seizes the diagonal and the lady was far from the battle

Referring to the last game, is there something wrong with my movements? If you want I can record and upload it to the forum. It's one of the first pages where I'm banned just for responding quickly to plays: /

First off for most of your games you have 0-1 mistakes and no blunders whatsoever and even by recording your games you didn't record the games you played before. Just because you record yourself doesn't mean you didn't cheat, You can use a second screen as well

A second screen? Wtf
It is assumed that the engines are on the screen and control your "mouse" to move automatically, on second screen, even on the computer, the movements would be in 0.1 seconds, they would be very fast for the motor control

@Portilla If you are sure you didn't cheat, posting in the forums won't help. Your only real chance to get unbanned (assuming you're innocent) is to contact lichess (

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