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  3. Why are we having tourny trophies that only tiltled players can win

Why are we having tourny trophies that only titled players can win. It would be nice to have say under 2000 trophies and under 1500 under 1200 trophies etc. Just a suggestion not a compliant .

The problem with under 2000 trophies is that 2300 (or some other high rating) players would berserk down to under 2000. That problem would exist for all rating ranges.

It is a nice idea though.

Maybe trophies for people who have never been above rating x (or currently under x, never been over x+y)? Add a requirement of 100 games or something if it looks like the people winning the trophies are mostly new accounts who get 500 points stronger on the next day.

This is speculation on my part but I think an idea is to get some players to identify themselves that weren't identified prior as known titled players and entourage known titled players to be more active on this site. The more active titled players that the lichess community contains, the better, imo.

All these suggestions are great ideas imo.

I also think it's so that the Masters can have a really high-quality tournament where they truly are competing against each other, rather than competing who can berserk/beat the lower-rated players most quickly.

Unless you create trophies for every single rating level, there will always be people who can't get a trophy. The U2000 discriminates against 1600 players, who are too high for 1500, but will never beat 2000 players in a tourny. How about those under 1000 players? How do we reward them?

That's why they are trophies. Because they take effort and a lot of work to get.

I'm quite happy not having a chess trophy. If I want one, I can put in the work. Otherwise, just enjoy the game.

I actually think its cool that we can compete with titled players,
they will win but the exprience is what matters. :)

Sandbaggers tend to dominate lower rated tourneys. If I went into a 1500 tourney on another account or purposely lowered my rating I'd be a big fish, if I went into a 2000+ tourney I'd be one of the small fish.

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