Why almost nobody understands what takeback on opponent's move means?

We played here fine game, and at on move 29 my opponent did completely bad move when threre was cool.
I saw position after knight take is very interesting, was asking him to re-move, offering take backs.

I offered multiple times take-backs when opponents can get huge advantage instead of bad moves - still no luck.
Most of people seem to completely unable to interpret take back as "you have better move, please try again".

Or what is happening?

If only you could do that in real life, your life isn't destroyed, use takeback. What a wonderful life._.

Maybe he's a Saiyan. And when you offered the take back he couldn't do it because his Saiyan pride forbid it!!

I sometimes do the same after my opponent does a bad move. I sometimes get the reply '???'.

Not everyone looks 1-2 moves ahead on every move.

I sometimes do that at my chess club, when the game is complex, balanced, and my opponent just makes a simple oversight. Like you, I want to see what would happen with the best move. I have noticed it never works, because no matter the result from playing on, the opponent always says, "Well, you really won that game." So he gets to feel bad anyway. The mood is not good. He feels worse about having been given the takeback, and being toyed with, than if he simply lost or had to resign. I have come to conclusion, better to punish the mistake, win the game, and move on. [My club consists of only honest and conscientious players.]

  If people don’t understand what you’re doing — i.e., offering them a takeback rather than asking for one yourself — it’s because takebacks aren’t supposed to work that way. It is you who are confused, not them. I take this as further corroboration of the views I expressed here:
  I firmly believe the Takeback button should only ever apply to one’s own moves. Full stop.
  If you wish to give your opponent a second chance, just say so in the chat. But let him press that button for himself. You shouldn’t be pressing it for him, ever. End of confusion (and potential insults).

i wasn't even aware i could offer my opp a takeback....................... for me, a takeback though, here or otb, ..... that game is invalid, to me..unless it's an obvious mouse slip. it's casual... it's gone from who wins or loses, to -------------whatever. if i want to analyze games, i do it post mortem.......