Who is the power BISHOP OR HORSE?

Wait, an organism can't be power itself, whether they have great power or not.

Also, why are you comparing a specific role of humans with an animal?

@InnateAluminum in some languages, danish for example, the knight is called a "hest" meaning "horse." I suppose it's the same in some other languages


Probably. I still think trying to be as clear as possible is the best idea.

In that case, I still don't know which one is supposed to be the power. Hmm, maybe power?

@InnateAluminum Why do they call it a knight is only a horse is depicted? Why do we give such power to a hypocritical person based upon a fairy tale?

Anyone who doesn't explain properly be criticized. FSU!


I wasn't trying to offend anyone.

But OP probably won't see this thread again anyway.

I still think about which is the power, the bishop or the horse, though.

I would chaulk that up to bad English, in the title. I think he meant to ask which on wields the more power, the knight or the bishop.

I think a horse makes a good enough representation for a knight.