Which is your favourite opening?

I love playing attacking chess so my favourite opening is cicilian dragon for black. Which is your favourite oppening in chess?

e4 - e5. It can turn into so many different openings, so it's not boring like the "setup"-openings where you get almost every piece to the same place in the same order every time.

Queen's gambit,slav, carokann are equally my favourite

My favourite opening is sicilian nadjrof for black and Queens gambit for white

White: Classical ruy lopez, Kings Indian defense (Usually Fianchetto although I gravitate toward the Karpov setup ), Bennoni (Knight tour with 8.e4)

Black: Najdorf, Semi Slav

Queen's gambit exchange variation in White. French Defense Tarrasch variation in Black.

Nimzo-Larsen for white, Modern defense for Black

King's gambit as white and Sicilian Dragon as black.
Although I don't know the theory for both opening :)