Which is better? Stockfish 14 or Komodo Dragon 2

Recently Stockfish 14 has been released and Komodo Dragon 2 has also gained a lot of popularity. Ofcourse everyone knows that Stockfish is for sharp and tactical lines and Komodo is for positional and human like play. But the new release of Komodo Dragon 2 has got heaps of interest. But no one knows if this one is better than stockfish 14.
So does anyone know what are the specialties of the new Komodo Dragon 2 compared to it's successors and how different it is from stockfish 14?

Stockfish is free, better but the new Komodo is a neural network based engine same for stockfish 14. Komodos developers claim there engine more 'human like' more detailed info here until you are a very serious player there is not point buying Komodo

Stockfish 14 is about 130 points stronger than Dragon 2 and the human like style of any chess engine is just marketing bla bla. So if you are only interested in having the one strongest engine it doesn't make sense to buy Dragon 2. However you might still consider doing so if you want to
- run meaningful engine-engine matches on your own computer
- have a second opinion during analysis
- have a strong MCTS engine that doesn't require a powerful GPU
- support the Komodo team in order to keep up the competition

@CurtVonBardeleben , Was there any series of matches played between Komodo dragon 2 and stockfish 14? Cause I personally believe rating doesn't show its real advantage over its opponent unless they have played with each other and one of them dominating.
And I personally like Komodo more than stockfish cause stockfish analyzes crazy variations sometimes which humans cant and it feels little uncertain to prepare with an engine like stockfish in ur home. However, Komodo isn't like that. U can completely rely on it for analysis. It can bring out the slightest advantages cumulatively in very silent positions too which other engines cant. And when it comes to rating, I think we can't judge that stockfish 14 is stronger than Komodo dragon 2 just by the rating. If there were any matches played between them, please do share it here.

@TEJM I have always found it confusing that commercial chess engines survive on the market, since there have been Stockfish for many years and it has always been stronger or at least the same strength as competition. I would think, that crazy unhuman-like variations are good, because your opponent is human. So better suprise him with something, that is for human very difficult to overcome, right?

@segomo, well unhuman literally means that humans cant calculate such variations so easily as how the engine does XD. So I don't think it is possible to think and play like it for a normal chess player (unless u are a super grandmaster maybe) trying to defeat a Homosapien XD. However, komodo gives variations that are positionally right and satisfying human consciousness too. Hence u can improve better with komodo knowing why that particular move is correct. However, with stockfish, you will always be in confusion about why that particular move is played and debate with the engine. I feel that would hinder one's confidence and question his/her own calculations and knowledge. Whereas with komodo, most of the moves will satisfy our calculations and theories. It will also help us to think deeper and improve our calculations.

So, I personally feel that if you are analyzing a game casually then stockfish is fine. But if you want an engine for your preparation and to improve your skills then I will recommend komodo. It is also helpful in finding your mistakes.

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I mean Stockfish is free, easy to download and stronger than Komodo Dragon 2.

So Stockfish 14.

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