Which games are very instructive and worth analysing? Do you have suggestions?

Petrosian, Capablanca, Nimzowistch, Morphy, Tal, Kramnik, Kasparov, Alekhine, Fischer, games from these masters mostly, and of course, from other masters too, but mainly these.

@Dario19503 Yes but which in particular? There are tons of games.

I already studied the immortal game of Petrosjan, Capablanca, Tal, Kasparow, Kramnik, Alekhine and Fischer.

Rubinstein Capablanca [San Sebastian, 1-0] 1911, for a rare game where Capablanca lost by being outplayed positionally. The annotations for this, including by Capablanca himself, are excellent. I read the annotations ages ago by Gerald Abrahams.

Euwe-Alekhine, "pearl of Zandvoort", [1935 world championship match, 1-0] ] for another positional masterpiece with a great tactical sac at the end by Euwe.

Rotlewi-Rubinstein, Lodz 1907, "Rubinstein's immortal" and one of the best sac everything combinations of all time.

Bernstein Capablanca [Moscow, Feb 4,1914]

I was always known at my chess club as the chess historian guy lol. These are just the games that come to mind instantly. Enjoy!

If you like to play e4 and enjoy open positions perhaps Morphy's games would be a good place to start... GUESS-THE-MOVE games are also a cool way to get into it.

@Vegemite_Fighter Uuuuh I like that game from Rubinstein :D That's "my" style of play haha :D Thank you!

@NUMBER2PENCIL Thanks I knew Morphy's Immortal, but you are right I should really study this beauty. Noted.

Also thanks @Dario19503 I should maybe focus on that indeed. I analysed lots of english and queengames while being a e4 player, which doesn't make that much sense now I think about it xD

I will try to think of more tactical and sacrificial games.

Alexander Alekhine vs Eero Einar Book Margate 1938 , a combination that Chernev described as coming from nowhere.

The game in one of the Kasparov Karpov World Championship matches where Kasparov won by a "leap into the unknown" bishop sac. Someone will remember which one it was.

Fischer - Spassky (World Championship 1972), game 6

All of Fischer's game with white as he was best e4 player

For new games: Carlsen-Caruana