When your opponent adds time without first asking you

When I play casual blitz games it drives me crazy when my opponent adds time without asking me. It destroys the whole point of the game. What I usually do is just wait for my time to run back to where it was before and send a message to my opponent that that is what I'm doing. Now I've started getting messages from LiChess that letting the clock run could lead to a temporary ban. Any ideas?

Just resign when your time runs below what would have originally been zero?

If you really want then you can set it as a personal goal to win with the added time to spare. There is no need to start waisting your own and the opponents time.
If the opponent adds you time when he is in a clearly winning position just to see you suffer, then there is also a nice solution. Either you use the time and find a solution to your predicament or if you do not want to suffer, then just press the magic button.

"It destroys the whole point of the game."

How so? Do you automatically play slower and more inhibited with more time to spare? Also: "When I play casual blitz games [...]", yeah, no kidding. You might wanna stop playing Casual then.

@TheBigDecline --Also: "When I play casual blitz games [...]", yeah, no kidding. You might wanna stop playing Casual then.---

well put! I had to wipe off my coffee from the desk though...

I think that when a player attempts to add time to his/her opponent, the opponent should get a similar notification as is the case for takebacks...

I don't think a change to the interface is needed. If you do not accept the additional time, simply resign if your original time expires.

Unlike a takeback, you don't need your opponent to agree. Simply don't accept the time and thank them for the game when finished.

what's the problem wih adding time? sometimes it is courtesy, if your opponent is lagging, sometimes I think I want to see an interesting position played out instead of winning on time. Rarely, I want to signal to an opponent that they should resign instead of letting the time run out. What's the problem with any of these cases?

"Rarely, I want to signal to an opponent that they should resign instead of letting the time run out."

So the only reason I can see to have a problem with people letting their time run out is that it is a waste of your time to sit there not playing.

But then, you are prolonging that by adding time, so clearly the problem is not with you wasting your time, because you're doing that yourself once you start adding time to their clock.

What I'm trying to say is, it does not seem a very effective way to send your message. Declining to play with the person in the future is probably a better way. In practice you're unlikely to cause them to change their behavior either way, so I don't know why you'd exacerbate the problem by wasting even more of your own time with them.

I like to utilize "tactical time adding" to get under my opponents skin when 1. they are going to lose on time i wait until almost zero add 15 secs to keep them in a state of worrying about the clock.
2. when i'm on full tilt in an easily won position. I like to think it sends an aggressive message especially when playing a 5 min game and at the end my opponent has 10 minutes and leaves the board.. I don't mind wasting time if I have a lot of time to waste.
I think utilizing any means necessary to get an emotional response from opponents to hopefully win future games as I am not great at chess I feel it gives me an edge sometimes.

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