When you give mate but still don't know it's already mate.

I like @Panagrellus' example very much.
As long as the opponent still has a queen, you always have to be careful to avoid mates or perpetuals.

If you don’t know you have checkmated your opponent, then you should take the Lichess beginner checkmate practice.

We should, should we, @Vertonghen? Would never happen to you?

These moves are usually good moves - even if there still were a last escape for the king. Ans in some cases you make moves that seem good - and you do not realize in advance that all escape squares are under control. That is not really a lack of chess understanding.

But stll, of course, everybody who was lucky in the sense of this thread should consider why he didn't realize the mate pattern immidiately. Many games get lost by missing something like that!

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