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  3. When the amount of time allowed in a chess game is sufficiently close to zero..

A chess game degenerates into a game of moving pieces around rapidly.

I tried 1/4+0 standard today and found out that it is still legit chess. However 1/4+0 horde is just a piece-moving game for white.

How fast does a chess variant game have to be so that it is indistinguishable from the game of swift piece moving?

I have actually pondered upon this question myself, albeit relating to standard chess, and not any specific variant. I don't think there is any point where someone could say: "This time limit is where it becomes more about extremely fast moves than about what the moves are." For example, as you pointed out, 15 second chess still requires a lot of skill to play well; If it didn't, then 1200 players could compete against 2200 based on quick piece moving skill alone. Then again, if the time limit was reduced to 1 second per game, surely skill at chess would play almost no role in the game.

...Try looking at the 1 minute tournaments for crazyhouse to see a real joke; especially when the top players berserk you so they only have 30 seconds.

IMHO They are bots; no logical way a human can play a 30+ move of ZH in 30 seconds...or even 15 in some games.

And on that note. Id LOVE for someone to prove me wrong.
Upload a video of yourself playing a 30 second ZH game. Of yourself; not the comp screen.
No one will do it; because no one can actually do it :l

@breakreign The trick: Premove everything

Go try it. Try to do random moves that a premove wouldnt expect.
Heck, try Sacrificing your queen to take a pawn.
They will still premove instant take. Not a second lost :l=

Its rather hilarious.

Hey @breakreign, it's not exactly 30 moves in 30 seconds, but you can imagine how much quicker it would be when you don't have to move the pieces and then slap the clock.

It's also bughouse which requires a slight amount more calculation and thought in regards to what pieces will be available on hand and when.

I do not doubt that there are bots out there, but most top players are legit.

If you want to see crazy speed here is GM Eric Hansen playing 10 second bullet. I highly doubt that he is a cheat.

Cheating is a massive issue which affects online chess, but false accusations are also affecting the game in their own way.

I personally can't play fast to save myself and hate anything without at least a little bit of increment.. But some people are just freaks!

90 minutes for the first 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game, with 30 seconds increment starting from move one is pretty much the limit.
It also allows for brief periods of napping, which is convenient if you are an older person, or a cat.

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