What's your favorite 3 openings?


1. Petrov Defense

2. King's Indian Defence Petrosian System

3. Grünfeld Defence

I dislike forcible attacks the most.

London System, Caro Kann Defense, Larsen Opening.

A good opening, a mediocre opening, and a meh opening.

1. Durkin Opening (1. Na3) (the best of best, guaranted)
2. Sokolsky Opening (1. b4)
3. Saragossa Opening (1. c3)

(but I don't play them frequently...)

”I dislike forcible attacks the most.“

This is why no one will remember your name. *Brad Pitt puts on the helmet*

Oh, the answer is:
1- Dragon
2- Albin
3- Dutch

1. Nimzo-Larsen Attack, Reti Opening, Van't Krujs Opening (Nf3, e3, and b3 in any order ball all 3 are played in the opening).
2. King's Gambit
3. Budapest Gambit

I don't have favorites. My goal is to be able to play any opening at a proficient level... I like open and closed positions... I enjoy attacking and defending... Positional chess and tactical chess... My main interest is in collecting opening 'ideas' for the tool box rather then memorizing large continuation trees.