Whats the best black opening for me to learn at my ELO?

Most players start out being tactical attacking from move 1 then move onto more positional slower chess with experience

It does not really matter. Just pick one opening and play it all the time against all opponents and in all time controls. That way you will gain experience.

@pointlesswindows of course there is no way to really classify any chess player , they can both be tactical and positional but a player must be have tendencies to play more positional or more tactical at some point. The point of watching GM play chess is similar to a toddler watching adults talk and mimic them.Of course he is not going to talk as good as adult anytime soon but eventually will.

the Caro Kahn and Slav/SemiSlav answer most questions white asks. Simple and have very similar play styles.

There is nothing wonderful about a game if your opponent plays like a complete prat

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