What would you play against 2.Nc3 in the Alekhine (1.e4 Nf6)

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Yes, I thought of 2... c5 as a transposition to the Sicilian defense Nimzowitsch variation which I was taking a look at. Now, to be honest with you I would rather resign than play a French lol. I hate that defense! Fischer scored the worst against it so I must feel repulsive for it.

2...c5 is really provocative and if white answers with 3.e5 the knight has to go to g8 so no transposition to the Sicilian if white wants. Still , he is overextended a bit :)

one final move you might want to consider 2...Nc6 which can lead to a God knows how many trasnpositions or just crazy positions

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Lol I also looked at Nc6 and I agree with you, it is just some crazy sh@t. Reminds me a little bit of the Mexican Defense which I have been wanting to learn just because Im Mexican lol.

I have no idea why 2...d5 is considered inferior. I often play 2.Nc3 vs the Alekhine and generally hope for anything other than that reply.

Hopefully nobody reads this.

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I think its because they dont like not having a g pawn. I guess they consider inferior the line with e4, but I think the line with d4 is totally playable and in fact I saw a blitz game Magnus vs Caruana which had this. Anyways nice post lol, I think everybody will read what you posted.

My (cursory and probably wrong) impression is that Black has a choice after 2...d5 3.e5 of three very different setups: a perfectly reasonable looking French after Nd7 (unless White gambles with e6), a somewhat tepid endgame after d4 exf6 dxc3 fxg7 cxd2+ Qxd2 etc., or Ne4 Ne2!? with obscure complications. I'd be surprised if all three options are bad for some reason, though slightly pleasantly.

#6,10a,14,17: The problem with 2 … d5 is that after 3 e5 and 3 … Nfd7 you won't like to see 4 e6! and White has all the fun. And after 3 … d4 4 exf6 dxc3 5 fxg7 cxd2+ 6 Bxd2! Bxg7 7 Qf3! is strong.
Finally 3 … Ne4 is met by 4 Nce2 with an edge as mentioned in #3. Sorry for the bad news.


Engines say that before Qf3 white had the small edge he always has, but after Qf3 and Nc6, it is said black is equal, but there is the theory about engines not knowing openings so maybe you are correct.

2... d5 is absolutely fine for black and if white plays 3.e5 you can play ...d4

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