What variation should i play against the french?

@AMMAR2012 no one is cyber bullying you we are just saying you are wrong
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I don't know your level but when you are <1600 fide or sth. like this I would rather do tactics all day and you will get better very very fast.

Agree with @tpr and others...

Think about what the French looks like and what the position, from White's perspective, is telling you to do.
If you play a mainline (1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5), you'll very likely, at some point, advance your pawn to e5 (unless you play the exchange, which I do not recommend as you lose out on a lot of rich strategy and themes).

You end up with a chain of pawns on d4-e5 (likely with c3 at some point to bolster it). You get a space advantage in the center, and your pawns are telling you to attack the kingside. This means you want to defend your pawn chain and bring your pieces over to the kingside to attack, possibly with an f-pawn break. Black, by contrast, will try to attack your nice pawn center in the center and beat you through the queenside.

If you keep this in mind, it will help you to figure out what moves fit in with the general strategy. After the game review it and see what other players have done in similar positions and if it makes sense to you, add it as a mental note for your next game.

#1 Play Blitz, this time variant is very efficient. The French still haven't found a suitable counter for this.

@DragonNyte_208 Play the advanced french. 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. e5 c5 4. c3 nc6 5. nc3 Qb6 and after 6. a3 most players ar your level run out of theory and dont know what to do. The will try either 6. nh6, 6. ne7, or 6. c4. After c4 just develop and build up to b3, breaking their pawn chain and you have a great position, if nh6 or ne7 play 7. b4!! and after trading pawns (always take with the c pawn) you can have bb2 to further defend your center.

@HyperCloxy at my level playing tactics only will not help because we make make basic mistakes like blundering queens, missing checkmate in 1 etc. I think we would need to improve our vision first . At a slightly higher level i could agree with you.

@Koo8384 No. Tactics are combinations. Basic tactical patterns may include some mate in one's, but the broader term tactics is about combinations that lead to a better position