What variation should i play against the french?

I'm currently learning and one of the many openings i haven't studied yet is the french, what should i play against it?

Do not worry about openings.
Play anything you feel like.
1 e4 e6 2 d4 (or 2 d3 or 2 c4 or 2 e5) d5 3 Nc3 (or Nd2 or e5 or exd5)

1.e4 e6 2.Qe2 is tricky. You can re enter into a king indian attack.It os my secret weapon against an opponent in my country's tournament of january or february(he believes i start with 1.Nf3 instead i go for 1.e4 and 2.Qe2). Else 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Bd3 is interesting.

Tactics and endgames matter at your level
Not openings

Wrong. There are opening traps so you need to study openings.

If you play wrong openings, your middlegame could go worse.

If you don't wanna study much you should go for 1.e4 e6. 2.d4 d5 and now 3.Bd3!?. It scores insanly good and there aren't much variations to learn only a few forced ones and you have to understand the main ideas in the positional middlegame and resulting pawn structures out of this variation.

Knowing 1 opening as white and 2 as black(one for 1. d4 and the other for 1. e4) suffice
But going too deep into it, not advisable
Knowing general principles is enough
Even I don't know much openings
I don't know the deeper lines in the openings I play
I stick to the general principles
You might wanna have a look at the OP's rating
At that level openings don't matter much
Tactics and endgames matter more
Moreover opening traps fall under tactics

as a lower level player , i can agree with @Koo8384
at my level ,the main ways people lose are in their endgame blunders.
Moreover , i know a lot of theory for openings and where has it got me? the other thing to improve is vision as at a lower level, you will probably lose to simple mistakes and blunders that you didn't see
I know I am going to get a lot of toxic replies because of my rating so i urge you not to waste your time writing to me about my bad rating.I'll just ignore it.

Ok, can we just delete this forum otherwise I will report you that you are cyberbullying because you are blaming just me because I am incorrect, I am correct.