What to play against Modern/Owen

Last few games in rapid I played, many people played Modern and Owen against e4. I don't know any agressive lines. Can you suggest me some games/ lines to look at that crush modern and own?


Don't think that I can post the whole encyclopedia here. It's not that easy, dude.

PS: ...g6 and ...b6 are pretty different, btw.

Yes i know that , but those bishops kill me and the center play is so hard to control if you mess up boom! You are down a pawn or peice.

Against the modern/Pirc, I would recommend the Argentine/150 Attack. I really don't know how to beat it as Black. It involves castling queenside, f3. g4, h4, Be3, Qd2, and Bh6. (Obviously not in that order). It's very aggresive, with pawn storms on either side. It is similar to the Yugoslav Attack in the Dragon, and the Saemich Variation of the King's Indian.

The Owen is easy to beat. Simple setup of e4, d4, and 3. Bd3 should be good. Avoid early Nc3 as then Bb4 is strong for black.

The Modern is a lot more difficult, you'll have to do a lot of research

I would suggest the Austrian Attack against the Modern

I suggest the 150 attack against the modern, but the owen is easy to beat as long as you know what black is trying to do.

You can play either the Austrian, or transpose into a KID in some lines

I play the modern as black. The two approaches that kill me every time are the Austrian, with pawns on d4,e4,f4, or the other pawn attack with pawns on c4, d4, e4. When I face either of those, I just hope I can survive the storm.