What openings should I focus on?

I see myself as more of a tactical player who likes when things get very sharp and complex (tactically), and I'm not sure what openings are good. I'm trying to learn how to play more like a tactical player (how to move to set myself up for tactics) because it seems hard to tell the difference between certain moves. I think my biggest problem is not having a plan for the middle game because it's hard to know which one will set me up for tactics. This is why I'm trying to find openings that are more oriented for sharp positions that require a lot of thinking.

King's Indian Defence 1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 g6 3 Nc3 Bg7: it used to be the pet opening of great tacticians like Bronstein, Tal, Geller, Fischer, Kasparov, Nakamura.
Against 1 e4 you can play 1...g6 to get similar positions
With white you can play the reverse king's indian

Benoni, Sicilian, Kings Indian, and many such openings can lead to sharp positions. I think you should read Art of the Attack by Vladimir Vukovic. I guess you can also watch some games of aggressive players. These are some tips to become a better aggressive player (not sure about the tactical part) but you will need to play positional chess from time to time as that is also required so you might also want to read How Reassess your Chess Edition 4 by J Silman. Yeah, sorry for not staying on the theme of openings.

@tpr can't the King's Indian variation you recommended turn into a positional game via the Smyslov variation.

What do you mean by the Smyslov variation?
Here is a famous game by Smyslov with white
Smyslov also played the King's Indian Defence as black
Of course the game can become positional: if black does not get the attack going white wins on the queen's side.

in Smyslov white plays e3 and not e4. It's actually more a system than a variation. d4 c4 Nc3 Bg5 e3 Nf3 Be2 Qc2 this kind of setup. Makes it difficult for black to play their usual attack, because the center is not blocked and white would get all the light squares on the kingside

@HydroMask but ya know, positional play is also important. You can't just play tactical openings. You must also must know how to play positionaly.

If you play white then its of course ruylopez wormald, Sicilian grand pix, carokann, pirc etc and black then guicopiano, nimzo-Indian etc and your choice of positional openings...

@tpr, black has no powerful hopes at a kingside attack while white has more space and can expand on the queenside. The system is something that you should be wary for if you play the King's Indian and @TrueShogiPlayer is correct. Even if it isn't something black necessarily fears, King's Indian players generally dislike position play so...

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