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  3. What opening call (Beginner Question)


I always play the same thing as white and normally get a pawn.

I always play the same start in chess as I've only been playing this for a few days.

Does this opening have a name / is it good ?

White - Black

Pawn E4 - Pawn E5
Knight F3 - Knight C6
Bishop B5 - (Various Moves Possible - normally threatens bishop)
Bishop B5 takes Knight C6 - Takes bishop with pawn
Knight C6 can take E5 pawn

So you gain a pawn if it works.

It doesn't always work if I play good players.

Also is there another easy opening that someone can recommend if this one is not good.


That's the Ruy Lopez. If Bb5 takes Nc6 black plays dxc6 and the pawn on e5 is not hanging because after Nxe5 black can play Qd4 or Qg5 regaining his lost pawn with positional advantage.

I don't understand.

Can you explain it a bit more simply for me.


Hi there!

I am not a professional but I will respond as far as I know;).

This opening, beginning with the bishop move, is called the Spanish opening (named by the nationality of its "discoverer" Ruy Lopez) - it is one of the most played openings in general.

Your fifth move - when you take the e5 pawn with your knight is not that good, because Black can respond with Queen to e2. Then you will have to retreat the knight and the Black Queen can take your e4 pawn with check. So in the end, you don't win a pawn with this opening but often loose the possibility to castle (after queens are traded) (Tip: You can try such a position on the analysis board).

In general, I think it's a good idea to start a game with 1.e4 and then followed by 2.Nf6 (Knight to f6). Another possible third move, besides from 3. Bb5 (Bishop to b5, i.e. the
Spanish) is 3.Bc4 which is called the Italian opening. I am usually playing one of those openings with white. If you are interested in the theory, you can also look on e.g. Wikipedia how such games usually continue.

Best wishes,

Bb5 is the spanish game or called the ruy Lopez.

It is a very strong and interesting opening (To be honest one of the best as white. If you look all world championship it is an opening that as always been played)

What you play is call the exchange variation which is not the main line because white can expect better position if white doesn't exchange his bishop against the knight but it is ok and playable. You will have just a slight edge

Indeed you cannot take that pawn in the middle right away if black knows what he must do.

3 Bb5 / a6
4 B x c6 (takes) / d x c (The d pawn takes in c6)
5 If you play N x e5 ?? here it is a huge mistake because the queen can come in e5 !

To not lose your knight you must come back to f3 and Q x e4 + (with check)

The game is not lost at all but you will be uncastled as queens will be exchanged

Keep playing that opening you will improve a lot and what I would recommend is to not exchange the bishop against the Knight. You will have more interesting position and it is a great opening to learn basics and very advanced stuffs

What do you play with black ?

You can also go to Tools -> Openings and Endgame database to study different openings.

Also notice that if you go after the game to the analyzis board, the name and the code of the opening is written on the top of the first moves.

that queen move I've not seen it yet.

if you protected the pawn first then I think it could work.

THanks for the tips.

I only have this opening as white.

Sometimes they play a different move like push the bishop pawn forwards so it doesn't work at all.

I don't know what to do when i'm the black one.

What you should try is to have a weapon as black against e4 and against d4.

While searching for the perfect opening as black you will improve a lot as well as white.

Have some good time

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