What kind of stupid puzzle is this???

If you're going to complain, at least tell us why you think it's stupid

The queen is attacked and the computer opponent ignores it. Only Stockfish plays like this. Humans do not like to give away free queens.

I think it's a sensible puzzle
White is attacking the black knight. After 13. Re1, the black queen cannot leave the diagonal as the black knight will be undefended (the pawn on e7 is pinned). There isn't another square on the diagonal where the queen will be safe either. (If 13...Qb2 or 13...Qd4, black will run into 14. Bc3 and have to leave the diagonal or 14...Qxc3 15. Bb5+ loses the queen)

Black has the choice between losing a knight or trading queen for rook, both are winning for white

Not only what SurgicalPotato said, but after moving the queen to a non-threatened spot (say, ...Qc5), white responds with Qxf6, threatening Qxe7#. Moving the e-pawn results in Qxh8+, also netting the rook, and castling instead results in Rxe7, threatening Bh6 and a subsequent mate in four.

This puzzle is bad. Any chess player would with try to save the queen or resign. Nobody would waste time on these useless calculations.

@pls_resign I guess you’re right..

The real problem I have with this is that black simply could have take the white rook but instead they go to d6..

It's a horrible game alright, but making you have to see Qxf6 after the Queen moves away makes it a puzzle.