What is the worst poor sport you have ever seen?

Not gonna name names, but came across a guy playing a game recently. Played the guy 3 long games. The guy is nearly 2000 rated, so I figure he has outgrown poor sportsmanship... boy did I figure wrong.

Game 1: We play this game relatively normally. At one point he requests a draw. At the time he requested the draw we were in the middle game, it was pretty even with only slight imbalances. I'd honestly take either side. It was pretty even. I decline the draw we play on. Within 10 or so moves he hangs a pawn and loses an exchange. My position is clearly a little better so he resigns pretty quickly. No complaints about them yet...

Game 2: Went about a game normally... Then take back request... after take back, after take back, after take back. The guy used like 15 or 20 take backs in this game, towards the end I blunder away a drawn position not asking for a take back myself. Towards the end of his take back requests, I'm like "no more take-backs you had enough" stopped giving the guy take backs because he abuse it heavily. So I lose game 2 after a horde of take backs.
Starting to think this guy may not be the best sport, but what the hey maybe he is okay just wanted some take backs.

Game 3: Now his true colors shine through. We get into a position where he has a loose minor piece. He wants to take back, and I decline. We play a few more moves. He requsts a draw. I say to him "I don't think this position is a draw. I'll prove it to you." I'm up a piece... We play a few moves... He sits and makes me wait offers draw... We play a few moves he sits and makes me wait... offers draw. Makes me wait a few times offering draws and take backs all the time in a 25-minute game burning 100% of his clock down.

What's the worst you have seen? I have come across verbally abusive people before but those are easier to ignore I think.

"The guy is nearly 2000 rated":
If you look at his games, asking for take backs seems to be the rule rather than the exception. So we can presume he gained his nearly 2000 "rating" by asking takebacks.
That's a good example showing that allowing takebacks is perverting the rating system.

"The guy is nearly 2000 rated, so I figure he has outgrown poor sportsmanship"

As a viewer of Ben Finegold, I have to ask: have you ever heard of Hikaru Nakamura?

I think that just sitting and letting the clock run out in an obvious position is the worst sportsmanship you can have on lichess (other than cheating, I guess).

If someone is being abusive over chat, just mute the chat.

If someone is requesting a bunch of takebacks almost every move, just ignore them.

If someone is offering a bunch of draws in positions that are obviously not drawn, just decline the draws and play your best.

The only thing to which there is no response is when someone tries to just let the clock run out, hoping that you either resign or lose your internet connection before their clock runs out. It's a waste of time, and it shows a complete lack of respect for your opponent. It's just poor sportsmanship.

I think the worst sport I ever played was this: I had my opponent in check, and it was a mate in X moves situation in a game with 30 + 10 time controls. My opponent only had one legal move and had roughly twenty five minutes on the clock. They sat there for 25 minutes, hoping that I would just resign or lose an internet connection. It was horrible. I could have started another game during those 25 minutes if he had just resigned or let the game play out to checkmate. Poor sportsmanship indeed!

It's really unfortunate that players do that. To make matters worse, I don't think there's anything we can really do about it. After all, it's not against the rules to let your clock go down to zero. It's just bad manners. Additionally, the fact that these games are played over the internet means there's no way for us to really prove whether a player is actually taking 20+ minutes to think about a move or just waiting for the clock to run out like a jerk.

I share your frustration!

@lurarose: Okay, yes; Nakamura does manage to maintain a certain amount of composure/professionalism. My point was simply that a high rating tells you nothing. A player rated 2000+ could easily still be a child, either mentally, physically, or both.

But I guess you already learned that lesson...

@biscuitfiend I think Bobby Fischer is probably the best example of an extremely strong player that may show bad sportsmanship. I don't think he did it on purpose though that was sorta just the way he was. (paranoid by nature) He would like complain about the lighting, and the chairs, and every little thing not allow a camera crew and all that nor give did he defend his title to Karpov even though he could have made millions of dollars... which will for hundreds of years disappoint fans of chess.