What is the difference between blunders, mistakes and inaccuracies in chess mean?

Inaccuracy: A mistake, but more analysis is needed. (?!)
Mistake: A bad move, like closing a BB vs BN position. (?)
Blunder: A horrible move that hangs material or makes enormous positional concessions. (??)

I wish I knew the answer to this question. If I did I’d be loads better than I am.. game analysis tells me that I make too many of all of them but rarely know until it’s too late except for maybe the hanging of my poor old queen immediately after moving something else.

I guess the lower rated you are, the fewer you spot of your own and your opponents errors.

All best avoided but that’s surely just about impossible as even MC makes mistakes.

#6 @FuriousArjun An inaccuracy need not always be a good move. It would be more of what we would normally call an "okay-ish" move. Typically it would be a move that gives up any advantage that a player had, without giving too much of an advantage to the opponent or immediately causing a loss.

Inaccuracy: Hitting on that guy with long blond hair from behind
Mistake: Asking that person on a date
Blunder: Marriage

inacurracy - a move which is inaccurate (slight error)
blunder - a move after which you are giving a whole piece or throwing away all of your advantage (positional or material)
mistake - is a mistake, usually strategic one. Like you should not capture that piece because your will be worse in certain position, or you are choosing the wrong plan.

Here at lichess it is sheer mathematics:

below a certain threshold (about 0.5) nothing, below say 0.5-1, inacc., >2 blunder and so on. Evaluation > 10 mistakes are not count at all.

One has to look up the exact thresholds in the source code.

Someone else posted this:
Inaccuracy: Infirmary😷
Mistake: Hospital🤕
Blunder: Graveyard💀

Blunders are horrible moves that might even be the reason u are loosing a game.Mistakes are avoidable ‘bad moves’ which could be avoided. Inacurracies are moves that are not-so-good.You won’t necessarily loose the game but...don’t play it.

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