What is the button for?

that button is for losing rating, toggle it off in the options!

There are no "take backs" in chess. You learn from your mistakes.

Turn TBs off except for training games. I never allow TBs or ask for them. I got fed up with people getting shitty when I didn’t allow them.

@pawnjuice said in #22:
> There are no "take backs" in chess. You learn from your mistakes.

Ok, this is good. So, why is Lichess allowing to "takeback" when there're not takebacks in chess?
In other platforms there're not takebacks, ...maybe are they better? or what?

Ok, i can TBs off, ok, ....ok, ....why is Lichess allowing to "takeback"?

Its up to you. The reason that a takeback button makes sense to me: Unlike over the board chess, in online chess its possible to make a mouseslip. This can ruin an interesting game. If you or your opponent would rather continue the game because (esp. in casual games) you're there to play a good game of chess and want to win by good moves then you may both prefer to takeback the obvious mouseslip. This is especially true for a longer game where both players invested some time.

In competition i understand that the desire to win can outweigh such considerations, but even then the feeling that you didn't really earn a win may persist. Remember the game that Carlsen resigned because of Ding Liren's connection issues resulting in the previous game being forfeited? So, although 'there are no takebacks in chess' is certainly a valid take, I think giving the players the flexibility to decide themselves is a good feature. If you don't want to allow takebacks, just turn it off.


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