What is everyone's opinion on takebacks?

As above. What is your opinion on takebacks?
When are they appropriate and when are they not? Is it unsporting to not give them in all circumstances?

For example, do you give them in casual?
If rated, do you give them for misclicks? Or blunders?

Myself personally, I almost never give them. I'm wondering whether others think this is unsporting or whether it's fair for me to be ruthless with them?

In Casual, sure, if my opponent is not being a jerk in some way, and especially in longer time controls. In Rated, if it's very obviously a mouse slip, yes, I don't mind at all. A blunder in rated? No.

To me, it's a personal choice - I typically don't ask for them, and I would not be offended if you didn't give me one. It's a gift, not something you should expect.


Over repeated question.

Let me keep it short -- give your opponent a takeback if you want to. If you feel unsure about it, then don't do it. Don't care about what the other player will think about you, as it is your choice and they can't do anything about it.

During the Roman Empire, "damnatio ad bestias" was a form of capital punishment in which the condemned person was killed by wild animals, such as lions, Caspian tigers or black panthers in amphitheaters. This penalty was applied to the worst criminals. Poisoners, counterfeiters, deserters from the army and chess players asking for takebacks were mercilessly thrown to the beasts to amuse the crowd and purify society of undesirable elements.

I never grant takebacks to anyone under any circumstances and I never ask for them, either (even if my mouse slips). I just pretend they don't even exist.

I disable them in my settings. One time someone asked for a take back, then used his move to capture a piece. That won't happen now, plus I never have to consider giving someone their queen back ever again.

I give them for mouse-slips in both rating and casual, and ask for them when my mouse-slips, never when I blunder.

I always get a bit peeved when my opponent doesn't accept my (obvious mouse-slip) takeback request, when say I played e5 but actually wanted to play exd5. Not accepting takeback requests would certainly win some games that were drawn (or maybe even lost) for you, but I never considered them to be true wins. I always thought that in any time control other than bullet (and faster) the game is played between the minds of the two players, not the mouse. I use a trackpad when I play, and I live in constant fear of a random spasm, making a mouse-slip blunder. It bothers me when my hardware is what loses the game for me, for any time control other than bullet (a good gaming mouse is key for bullet and lower time controls, so I don't consider bullet in this).

That was my opinion, remember not to take me too seriously, I'm only USCF class E (: