What if the queen could also castle like the king?

king should castle to protect the king from the war and queen fight. but in real life, king fight in the war and queen staying safe. so it is more suitable if queen can castle

@areamanplaysgame said in #6:
> Using house rules, queen can castle, but only if you also allow pawns to explode minor pieces with their minds.

scanner pawns?
we could call that 'scan-atomic' chess

Good question, but here's a better one: what if we could also divide by zero

I'd say both would lead to the same answer

Castling is meant to be for getting your king to safety and it wouldn't make sense if the queen would but still that would be cool

Let the king do his thing. He gets to castle and and hang back and later charge out in the endgame, where as the queen is more active during the middlegame.