What happens to chat trolls

I played a humongous troll who was taunting me for being under 1600 in a game where I helped them get to 1702. They repeatedly cussed at me and made me feel uncomfortable. I reported them for being a troll. I want to know what punishment they get. This post is also a warning to other trolls. You know who you are.

They get chatbanned, but it normally takes ages for them to get banned. Just try to block them and you might want to turn off the game chat option also.

15 min later: Someone you reported is banned. Thank you for the help!

Thanks for helping lichess keep the site clean of these bad sportsmen. will suffice, the reports are dealt with and chatbans or warnings are given to the best of my knowledge. You won't necessarily get a notification that the person is banned.

Yes. Whenever you think somebody is breaking the lichess terms of service, you can go to or you can just go to their profile and there should be a triangle with an exclamation mark.lichess can be kept clean like this. Hope this helps.

@TCF_Namelecc I think lichess sends you a notification saying something like "Someone you reported was banned, thanks for the help!" If someone you report gets banned

We usually report them to mods and see their account is closed. It's basic.

that reminds me, sorry TCF but I know your smart at how Tos works so I'm gonna ping you. @TCF_Namelecc do you get a "someone you reported got banned" message if you get someone chatbanned? or only if you get someone the red flag.

The good news is that banned people can only talk to each other so they can trash talk and spam each other all day and no one has to deal with them. And even better, they don't know about it, so they won't immediately make an alt.