What did you obtain from chess in life and reality?

Please tell me what you got by playing chess.
Such as what you learned from chess.

I am a noob, but my memorzation is way better now

Meet interesting people. It's better to be lucky than to be good.

it works like a medication for me, it channels my depression and suicidal thoughts into a game, it settles my soul.
sometimes when i play a beautiful game it makes me happy.

also if i reach my highest rating, it is going to make me feel good for that day.

it gives me some kind of satisfaction
it gives me hope

it show me that i progressed in something.

I enjoy the game, what else do I need? It's a game. It's amazing some are lucky and so skilled to be able to make a living off of it.

To me, chess is waste of time, moreover an addiction that takes away from social life, friends, family and other joy and ambitions that one could potentially have in life. It is fun when u win but depressing joy killer when you lose. It kills other pleasures of life. Must be completely terminated from one's life for happiness.

I agree. Chess addiction can completely control your life priorities if you allow it and take your life going downhill causing irrepairable damage to one's livelihood and social life.