What did you find to be the single most useful stat of your insight analysis??

All the info is extremely useful but I found some major discrepancies in my win/loss ratio when I traded queens using certain openings compared to others.

What did you find most useful? Surprising?

My 49.61% win rate has helped me into thinking more about my moves :)

The 'piece moved' stat is quite informative. You can find out which pieces you move at different phases of the game (opening/middlegame/endgame), and also identify the pieces moved based on evaluation of the position (lost/worse/equal/better/winning) . Compare this with the 'centipawn loss' function and you will have a clearer idea of when you have to be more cautious moving a particular piece.

It would be very impressive if there was a function to give insight on square control. For instance, centipawn loss based on moving to each square on the board. Or game result based on the squares controlled by you or your opponent.

@noobBatter lol My win % is similar, I def have more loses than wins

@ArtPeace I didnt even think that far into it, but that's actually a really good way to analyze that info.

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