What are some ways to get team members ( i made a new team)

@DecaturAlden Don't advertise your team in forums or in other teams. Make frequent tournaments, make use of your forum and chat, and bring members together as a community. Be active in the forums and other teams, and more people will notice your profile and take notice of what you have there (put your team on the front of your profile so others can see it!) Make regular tournaments and support your members (ex. sending messages when they have reached rating milestones- their reactions are priceless)

Get @clousems to say that the team stinks more than a Saudi Arabian camel driver's armpit. Then the team will get lots of new members who join to say he should beat it and keep his slam vogon poems to himself.


1. Get your rating up to 2000 in standard.
2. Get your rating up to 1800 in any variant (for me it was three-check).
3. Advertise your team on your profile.
4. Ask to put your team in a tournament, with that variant.

@Knight04 From my experience, ratings don't matter when it comes to leading a team. Even if you are a lower rated player, if you are a nice person and a good leader others will notice your team

Regular Team Battles
Active Participation
Strong Players

And magic... In 1 week you will see full of members.