What are ALL the types of chess?

What i know: bughouse, crazyhouse, standard, 3 check, racing kings,chess960

Atomic, Antichess, 3 man chess, 3 player chess, Chess but black moves first, Ultrabullet, King of the Hill, No stress chess, 4 player chess and a whole lot more

bughouse, zh, antichess, 4-player, 3 check, racing kings, atomic, chess960, custom positions? , no castle chess, standard(bullet,ub,hyper,blitz,rapid,classical,correspondence)

There are many more on a 10x8 board, having two more pawns for each player on the second rank.
Examples include but are not limited to:
Capablanca Chess
Janus Chess

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Here's a list of the ones mentioned so far + my additions. Most of the non-lichess variants are available on various other Chess sites.

Lichess variants:
Atomic Chess
Chess960 (Fischer Random)
Crazyhouse (similar to Bughouse, a four-player version)
King of the Hill
Racing Kings

Other variants (there are MANY more):
3D Chess
4D Chess
5D Chess
Bughouse Chess (give your team-mate captured pieces)
Capablanca Chess
Fog of War,
Four Player Chess
Hand & Brain
Hexagonal Chess
Janus Chess
King Capture
Kung Fu Chess (no turns)
No Castling Chess
Quantum Chess variants
Self Capture
Sideways Pawn Capture
Sideways Pawn Move
Torpedo Pawns
Three Player Chess
Two Moves Chess (Marseillais chess)
Viennese Chess (Barrier Chess)

What are your lichess and non-lichess favorite variants?

I like Atomic, Chess960, KotH, and for non-lichess: Kung Fu Chess.

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