What and who invent the chess?indians?

În old Chess invent probably by indians Horsens have five squares in move .how look old Chess moves ?

Google "chaturanga", it's a game considered to be the ancestor of chess and other chess-like games.

no body know that exactly. some archaeologists believe that it had been invented by Indian and backgammon has been invented by Iranian people.but its clear that it came to Europe around 1300 years ago by Iranian people.and this game has 2 names.the first and most famous is chess and the second is shatranj(Persian)or chaturanga .i hope that this piece of information be useful for u.

The Fide president himself said he was abducted by aliens and they told him telepathically that aliens created chess. It makes sense. The game itself is too complex for any human to have been able to make it up.

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