What about trash talk ? What is ok ? What is not ok?

I can't believe so many of you guys actually chat with unknown opponents

Isn't saying something like "crushed!" after an online game with a stranger, a bit, well, not classy?

Trash talking if you're playing over the board with people you know, and it's all good natured, seems perfectly fine if you want to do that.

@hal9k No, I'd consider it a derogatory term, and try to avoid that kind of language.

Aside from any other consideration, when you use that kind of language, I think you only end up demeaning yourself, and reveal more about your own nature, than the person you "pwned".

Have a nice day! ;)

Cosmic has a point. But i don't think it applies to something ridiculous as a chessgame.

I don't think there is any need to trash-talk anyone at all. Everyone here is here for chess and to play; hopefully to learn as well. If you are a higher rated player that "crushed!" or "pwnd" an individual I don't see it necessary to boast, your skill and ratings speak for themselves.

I know everyone feels differently and that is why community is great, I tend to lean toward the positive uplifting of people by nature so I never look for the negativity I guess. Nor do I hold the skill to taunt or crush anyone as of yet anyhow.

I appreciate playing higher players. I learn from them and study them. It is another reason why I love and the idea behind it.

Good luck with your future 64 square battles.

Lol i just watched sheldon cooper say: we are in so many things alike except intelligence and in whats really important.

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