What about trash talk ? What is ok ? What is not ok?

What about trash talk ? Is it ok? or not? What have you heared or what did you say?
I for example said things like " Booooooom Horror made " or " crushed!" it is meant in a funny kind of way and is ok in my view
i would not say anything insulting thats important for me but a little talk can bring extra fire to the games :)
What do you think?

Wow, a 2200 enjoys taunting his opponents whenever they make a mistake.

Another reason for me to turn off the chat.

As people cannot tell if you are joking online, it is usually best to refrain from talk that may be considered offensive by some.

I think it's important to be polite and friendly.
Some people may like to chat about how the game went eg. if there was a long tricky endgame or an unusual opening like the Polish or Grob. Emphatic remarks after a strong move could be seen as mean or rude so probably best avoided.
Most of the time it's better to let the chess playing speak for itself.

People like you is why I turned chat off within days of starting playing here.

I support the OP. If you dont like getting owned play better. Then maybe he wont have to type "crushed!".

i also sometimes ask an opp if he can take my trash out, but they never do it :-(

My life is an endless neverending stream of horror, must have been a competitor of yours

Trash talk only with your friends, that's basic.. Or if you want to be macho, say to strangers IN PERSON and look in the eyes of the person while you are saying it.

Like in chess, it's very important to play your own game, not to get caught in game played by your opponent. Don't just answer on insults, throw your own, more skilled!
For example, if an opening "stupid monkey" is played, answer "said stupid monkey" is slightly worse. But "yea, but smarter then you" is actually fine one and you even can win with this.
Best win you can get consists of three parts:
- your opponent adds time to you thinking he got it
- you won onboard
- you won in chat
This is called hat-trick. Good luck with these, they require real skill, since people are very careful when they add time.

Oh and better remember NEVER to be ass in first place. Only if your opponents starts this on himself.

@blind_man_walking even 2400 players do this, though extremely much rarer than 1900. I personally don't find any enjoyment in doing this in first place, only in smashing people who started it on their own.

Well, it all goes from instincts we got from time when people were tribe monkeys.
And it all leaves those who understand we are unique population on unique planet and that cooperation and complete lack of crime is much more effective system then destroying competition.
We can't even look on this like useful from evolution-competition point of view, since chess is fair competition on it's best. So trash talkers are pure sore losers in their best.