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Hello, I'm looking for a FREE website to organize and train my repertoire. I enjoy the study feature this site offers, but it doesn't really allow you to have one cohesive repertoire. What would be a good site for me to try out?

chess tempo free paid membership for more then 2-3 moves

Use Lichess.

#4. Exactly.. Why is this thread even here?

I've created a template study to help you on your way:

Show me some love and give it a like so others can see it too.

Lichess studies.

Lichess studies are a terrible way of organizing an opening repertoire. Thanks @Stephenson I'll try out chesstempo

@National_Patzer please post here your expert opinion about chesstempo after you try it out.

So far it's looking like exactly what I wanted. You can create your opening tree, and even train lines at your choosing. Overall, I think chesstempo is worth a try if you're looking for a way to organize all your lines. is not entirely for free but it's very good to build, study and train you're own repertoire. It also has some free opening books where you can train openings design bye others. The best books are paid, but that's optional.

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