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  3. We need an Application of Lichess on PC !

Hello People,

I hope all of you are having a wonderful day.

I was wondering why doesn't Lichess make an Application that could work on PCs (Online and Offline) Exactly like the application they have on phones. Many many times i need to play on lichess (Offline) vs Stockfish or analyze a game or opening but i can't. Is there anyway to have Lichess Offline on PC in future?

Thank you

It sounds like what you want is to download Stockfish onto your computer. For that, go to this website:

do they have GUI on PC like lichess?

You could also consider using Arena:

deep shredder o fritz do the job. go for it, and for free, use arena chess gui, or mi favorite, tarrash chess gui.

None of those support variants :(

PyChess supports variants

Or if you like Qt instead,
Latest compiles can be find at latest post of

The PyChess UI is in at least four languages at the same time, and I only understand two of them. But I was able to make it analyze 3-check with Stockfish, so thanks a lot!
Cutechess seems to be only for playing games or making engines play each other, not for analysis.

@optilink you can start pychess with --no-gettext command line argument and it will be English only.
Btw. is this something like ?
If yes, can you post there your config (Windows version, language, additional languages installed, etc.), please?

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