Vote Chess Variation

A democratic game mode where x amount of people vs a equal amount of x other people play a game of chess in which they take votes on which move to make. You would have increments of say 15 30 45 60 seconds to cast your vote and then the move with the most votes is made for that team and then it passes to the next team back and forth until the game ends. It would be pretty interesting to see people discuss moves and learn stuff while working together to win or it would just be a funny chaotic shit show with people arguing to sway others. Thoughts on how this could be implemented?

What if votes were equal ? For example x is 5 and white to play . 2 persons choose e4, 2 persons choose d4 and 1 person choose c4.
Which move will be done ? But anyways a good idea !

This could be better maybe : X is 5. One of them makes 5 moves. Then the other players make 5 moves each . İn move 26,first player makes 5 moves again. And so on.

Vote chess is usually played as a correspondence game. The teams usually meets in a forum, team page, or offsite web page (such as to suggest a move and give reasons to support their choice. Of course, there are comments which display errors of other moves. These games are usually against a computer so that the game chat area could be used.
There are real life examples, most notable is Kasparov v. the world.
I've never seen a tie vote, as ask in post #2, but maybe assign a team captain to decide the tiebreaker or only have odd team members.
As a side note, and it should be known without saying, but assign the teams with a even distribution of rating.

#2 Then it would be chosen by chance between the two since ideally these games would take place in real time.

#3 That is also a cool concept but is kind of not going with my idea.

#4 Ideally these would take place in real time. How it would work is that someone puts up a game in the lobby channel and then people join with the teams being assigned by rank. So if 3 2000, 3 1700, 2 1500, 2 1200 join it would be split kind of like 2 2000, 2 1200, 1 1500 vs 1 2000 3 1700 1 1500. All though this game mode would have issues with trolling since people could join just to vote for dumb things.

Chess-streamers play against their chat pretty often. The people in chat just write the move they want, and after a little while a bot will play the move most people have written. If you have 2 streamers letting their chat vote for moves you have exactly what you are saying. Chat always lose though, since chess is about ideas that take many moves to perform, not just individual moves.

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