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I am sure that next time, cheater or not, premoves or not, you will take care of the f7 square !!

Instant report. Such cheaters must be punished!!!
Lol, it's actually happened to me several times and it is not a big deal. That is a part of ultra and hyper. We've all been victims of a crime. :)

are you serious? O_O i hope this is just a troll post

He is just kidding.

I was laughing too loud while reading this post that even my neighbours got disturbed. 🤣🤣🤣
I suggest you that you should see what you are doing before you make a move even if it's bullet and it costs you 0.5 second.
(Another thing, the chess CAPTCHA that I solved, to post this comment, was a scholar's mate puzzle...lots of scholar's mate

It is strictly forbidden to cheat against the captcha :-D

I remember way way back in school everyone played this line or tried to... Damn you Samantha i could've won that 5th grade tournament had you not brought out the big guns...

"I am at the 50% level in classical then what does that say about half the players on here who I am better then?"

So if your at the 50% level then half are better the you maybe he was better. Ever heard the quote "think of how stupid the average person is, then think half of them are more stupid"

Are you not the guy who said to me "what are you moaning about you only have x rating, who cares if you got cheated against i makes difference at your level" that is what you said when i lost points to a player who DID cheat and was using assistance and is now banned.

So was it fools mate or scholars?

Only joking im sure you know they are one and the same thing, both not cheating.

@Sarg0n (#10). Actually I think this is a pretty good parody of all those twits I see complaining in arena chat rooms that after they blundered a piece to a lower rated player, and then failed to put any pressure on their opponent, that they lost to a lower rated player who must therefore be a computer cheat. And rather than accept that they just blundered they then go on to try and destroy the lower rated player's reputation by posting about it all over the place.

Yeah you are the one that thinks someone needs a engine to beat a 1000 rated player, lol.

That was the point I was trying to make why would anyone need to cheat to beat someone who is at a 1000 level?

I actually got tricked by a cheater the proof is right here you are just speculating the person used a engine to beat you there is no proof not like I have.

I once got beat by someone who said they were a 13 year old girl. I started playing chess 50 years ago how do you think that makes me feel to know I was beaten by a girl? What I don't understand is that I have a 110 IQ and I finished in the top 1% on the math SAT and went to the university of Maryland majoring in aerospace engineering at 17 years old so I obviously am not a stupid person so why am I not better at chess after playing for 50 years?

If I was able to beat out 99% of the people who took the math SAT test in 1975 I think I should be a much better chess player especially since I first started playing 50 years ago. So something just doesn't add up how could so many less intelligent people play chess better then me? You would think I would be in the top 10% by now not in the middle of the pack with the rest of the rats. Maybe I need to learn chess tricks like you people since that is how you win games it seems don't out play your opponent trick them instead.