I was playing 1 minute bullet chess and was a victim of the scholars mate in 4 moves by my opponent. I would like to know is there anyway I can report them for cheating and get my points back? What made it worse for me and easier for this cheater is that I like to do my first 5 moves as mostly pre moves because its bullet chess and that made it easier for this cheater since its done in 4 moves I think the game was over in less then 5 seconds I can post the game if you tell me how.

playing scholar's mate is not cheating so no, you do not get your points back and you can not report them for this.

Your loss is a consequence of playing too fast in the opening. My advice is to play slower in the opening, and eventually speed up once both players are in *serious* time trouble. Sure, the scholar's mate may feel like a jerk move, but it's not cheating.

I would rather close my account than posting such an utter self-humiliation.

Checkmating your opponent is not cheating, and if you let yourself be mated in the opening that is no one's fault but your own.
When the queen and bishop started piling up on your f pawn you should have brought out the kingside knight to block the queen off or something similar.
If you were playing so fast that you did not have time to see what your opponent was doing...that is part of the game.
The more usual variant of Scholar's Mate involves moving the queen to h5 rather than f3, I have a study about how to avoid that if you want to check it out.
In general, the goal of a game of chess is to checkmate, so your post is analogous to "We were all running quickly at their goal and left our own goal unguarded, and they scored a goal on us, they were cheating because they are not supposed to take advantage of our poor play.", or maybe "I was rushing to the net to win the point and my opponent lobbed the ball right over my head where I could not reach it, that is cheating".

Every chess player loses to this at some point in their development, often more than once. Take comfort in the fact that your opponent made the best move they could make in the position.

I just looked at the game and I did 3 moves with no premoves move 1 was 0 time since the clock doesn't start until I move then move 2 and 3 were 2 seconds long. I thought that he was taking advantage of me making pre moves because there is no way I thought I would take 2 seconds to do those moves. I am not a new chess player I started playing chess 50 years ago my classical rating is around 1500 so I am no special talent but I am not a newbie either and I think I will end up as being a slightly above average player in all categories especially classical where I am right around the 50% level now. Trying to win a chess game in 4 moves against a guy who has been playing for 50 years has to be cheating because if its not then you are saying that I am a chess moron and if I am at the 50% level in classical then what does that say about half the players on here who I am better then? As for the wiseguy who says I should quit playing chess I never got into playing chess thinking I was going to become a Grand Master so I will not be quitting because of someone tricking me with dirty moves. In fact my long range goals are the following 1800 in classical 1700 in rapid 1600 in blitz and 1500 in bullet that would make me definitely an above average player and probably able to beat everyone of your kids if their under 12 and their not prodigies.

This thread has got to be a joke, right?

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