Very low centipawn loss?

@Chillkroete77 I do not think that that was a serious anwser. Or do you think you are the only one that knows what ACPL is and how it is calculated? I think we all can do basic subtraction addition and division, but that would not be a very convinient solution.

@A_0123456 Why white continues to play after blunder the rook.... Good game, it is so odd with so many moves and trades that only exists 6 centi loss.

Saw it again, and is almost forced best moves... your opponent really tried not to win! ;)

@Morozov yeah, so you were being sarcastic for no reason at all. There were like nine posts complaining about not being able to see your accuracy for a specific set of moves. And none of you pointed out that that is already possible even though apparently all of you were aware of it. But whatever...

@Chillkroete77 @Morozov Yes, it is possible, but involves manual math. If the analisys would ignore the book moves and final moves (thus focus the middlegame) in automatic fashion, it would be simpler and more useful for the user. But you are right, for games that deserve the trouble, it is possible to get the that number without too much fuss.

@Morozov You may know, i know that is not you were talking about, but i discover this...

Gives an idea of acpl by game phase, it is important to check more precisely our move quality. It is not shown by game, i believe, but i'd like to share this anyhow.