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Hi lichess community,it is dedicated to some people who hurt me,
Please stop it,You can't insult someone for no reason,you don't have that right,I don't understand why stuff accepted this behavior,
Complaining, whining, and nothing more,,,
It is sad for me

No, it is not accepted. I reported people multiple time for verbal abuse, and I know it was taken seriously. Report forms even have this case as standard, among with "cheat". Report people, with evidence, and steps will be taken.

Regards, DJ T

Hi @dnltmr
I agree with You,people who insult other must to be punished, must to be free of them,Thank You

think that for an insult it should not ban, but when it is often yes.
PD: you can deactivate the chat if that affects you

@rzenaikrzys actually if You stop taking those insults seriously You might find dialog with such a troll actually entertaining and something different from all day to day serious and fine conversations :D Example if someone is saying that "Youare dumb, etc no skill" You go directly opposite reply them they are genius, and You wish to learn from them etc. this might end up really funny :) just give it a try :D

Try the amazing "block" and "report" features of this website.
The "block" one works especially well, from personal experience.

The person who started this thread is not talking about the in-game chat. He is being unnecessarily dramatic about and misrepresenting this post, which is nothing at all like what he is describing:

Thank you @Chessty_McBiggins for your perceptivity:),
you're genius of chess,#5 is right,people like you are really funny,
don't insult BOTS,they are also humans,dramatic?:)

dramatic is your perceptivity,Sherlock Holmes would be pride of You

That is quite sad, if true

Just checked out the and by the looks of it, LiChess developers are trying to push a solution. I get a sour taste seeing how OP got such a high rating, but as far as I can see, they didn't do anything wrong.

With that, it doesn't improve LiChess if we began witch hunting other players for gaming the system. That's why we have mods. They are responsible for making every-one's lichess experience as cheat-free and as troll-free as possible. It's near impossible to prevent cheaters, trolls and other foul things, but I think LiChess does an awfully good job at it. I also think they do a good job at trying to keep the peace. That's why they're moderators.


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